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The Worst Summer Skincare Mistakes You Might Commit -


The Worst Summer Skincare Mistakes You Might Commit


Summer is one of the focal points in the aspects surrounding skincare. Though it’s the season for hanging and chilling out at the beach, the conditions are perfect for skin hang-ups and problems. After all, constant sun exposure is one of the main proponents of skin damage.

In any case, you must do everything you can to avoid making your skin a damper to your vacation plans. A bad case of sunburn can ruin your whole summer, while constant sun exposure could pave the way for skin cancer in the long run.

Here are some of the worst mistakes you will likely commit this summer:

Incorrectly Applying Sunscreen

In the past few entries, we have stressed the importance of sunscreen. Arguably, it’s the most important cosmetic/skincare product on your inventory this summer. Although it’s a given that everyone is applying them, not everybody is doing so correctly. Here are some notable sunscreen-related mistakes:

• Not reapplying. Typically, you should reapply sunscreen once every two to three hours, especially if you’re out swimming or sweating.

• Not applying enough. You’re supposed to coat yourself with a generous amount (enough to fill a shot glass), on unclothed areas.

• Missing the most important areas. Ignoring, or not applying enough sunscreen on the face, neck, arms, and your back is a surefire way to get sunburn.

Disregarding the Feet and Heels

Skincare isn’t only limited to your face, arms, and neck: it encompasses every part of your body.
Your feet and heels will likely be neglected in the next couple of months because after all, who in the world cares? You will likely walk barefoot on the sand and wear flip flops on the streets. These will pave the ways for rough soles and cracked heels, which is quite irritating and rather disgusting. Frequent and regular cleaning, soaking, and moisturizing will reduce dryness and cracking.

Not Using Bug Spray and Insect Repellents

If you’re spending summer on a swampy or a tropical region, you’ll need to be armored with insect repellent, for obvious reasons. Mosquitoes are the scourge of humankind, given that they’re irritating and capable of injecting you with diseases like dengue and malaria.

From a skincare perspective, insect repellents are vital if you don’t want to end up with scars all over your skin. As you already know, insect bites are horribly itchy and irritating, and these will render you to scratch them, ultimately leading to open wounds and possibly, infection.

Letting Salt and Chlorine Stay on the Skin

So, you’ve taken a nice, long dip in the salt-filled waters. It’s a refreshing experience, and you feel rejuvenated.

However, your skin won’t feel the same if you forget to take a shower before and after doing so. Basically, salt from the sea and chlorine from the swimming pool can irritate and dry the skin up, so it’s not safe to let them stay.

Skincare encompasses your whole body, from your hair to heels. Do not forget wearing wide-brimmed hats, your sunglasses, and lip balms which provide a satisfactory deal of protection from the elements.

Things may get tricky this summer, but just remember the above mentioned tips and keep yourself clean and you will likely escape the heat unscathed.

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