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Top 6 Foods For Naturally Beautiful Hair -


Top 6 Foods For Naturally Beautiful Hair

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘beauty should come from within’. Sadly, it’s better said than done. Many of us have hectic schedules that eating well and exercising seems out of the question. Still, there are sneaky ways to stay healthy – and keep our hair and skin gorgeous. One of which is picking and stocking up on the right kind of foods. So the next time you’re having a bad hair day, look up the following ingredients.


Oysters and Zinc

Brittle, dry hair is actually a sign that you may lack Zinc in your diet. This mineral is essential in creating new proteins, that are also the hair’s building blocks. Oysters are actually one of the best sources; but if you can’t get fresh ones, try legumes such as cashews, nuts, and soybeans. Oysters have more Zinc per ounce though, which is why nutritionists recommend them often. Just 3 ounces can give you 493% of your daily requirement! You can eat them fresh with a bit lemon juice, or baked with a little butter and garlic.

Omega-3s in Salmon

Is your crowning glory lacking the luster it deserves? Then you need more omega-3 fatty acids. These are naturally found in fish, like wild salmon, but it’s also present in leafy greens like spinach. Omega-3 works on the outer layers of the skin and hair. It strengthens the keratin, enabling the outer coating to hold in moisture for longer. So be sure to get your daily dose with salmon-friendly recipes. As it’s a highly versatile ingredient, you can fry it, sauté it, bake it, or even steam it.

Bananas and Biotin

If you have thin hair with unsightly split-ends, it’s time to add more biotin to your nutrition. Also known as ‘Vitamin H’ (H stands for hair and skin – Haar and Haut in German), deficiency in this important nutrient will eventually lead to hair loss. Accompanied with Zinc, it will be your weapon against split ends and weak hair. Bananas are a top pick; but you may also choose among Swiss chard, almonds, carrots, and goat’s milk. Love smoothies? Now you have an excuse to add bananas into every cup!

Protein in Eggs

Want voluminous waves that seem unbreakable? Turn to protein for noticeably strong hair that bounces with life. As mentioned earlier, our hair is made up of structural proteins called keratin. With adequate amounts, you’ll have less trouble managing your mane. Plus, eggs are a flexible ingredient: add it in soups, salads, or main dishes. Eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – the options are endless!

Broccoli, Rich in Vitamin C

It’s not just berries that contain the all-important Vitamin C. Even your favorite leafy greens have it! Broccoli, together with red cabbage, brussel sprouts, and kale, pack powerful anti-oxidants that keep scalp healthy. Vitamin C supports the tiny blood vessels in our scalp that supply nutrients to our hair. With enough Vitamin C, you can say hello to a naturally gorgeous mane that won’t easily break, no matter how much you style it.

Aside from eating delicious, healthy foods, watch the products you use. It should contain all-natural ingredients so you can maintain your hair’s beautiful shine and bounce. Begin your day by cleaning your tresses with organic shampoo, followed by conditioner to lock in moisture. Don’t forget to be gentle with wet hair, as it’s twice as delicate as when it’s dry. And there – you’re well on your way to perfect hair that shines with life!

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