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Three Things You're Doing Wrong in the Shower -


Three Things You’re Doing Wrong in the Shower

Taking showers is a physiological need: not only does doing so clear out the grime and dirt while allowing you to smell like roses every day; it is also responsible for keeping you and your skin healthy. Since we were mere toddlers we were all taught how to take showers, which was usually highlighted by brushing hard to reach spaces and by rubbing a bar of soap all over our body.

However, what if I tell you you’re bathing the wrong way all your life? It will be quite difficult to comprehend since you were taught differently.

So, before you step into the bathroom again, let’s clarify several matters and learn the shower and bathing practices you have been doing wrong.

Stepping inside every day

Contrary to popular belief, bathing every single day is actually a bad thing. No, we’re not messing with you: bathing every day affects your skin negatively.

Taking a hot shower and constantly rubbing antibacterial soap all over your body strips the skin of its natural oils and the protective layer designed to protect it from bacteria and certain conditions, like acne.

Experts agree that you should NOT step inside the shower every day – doing so doesn’t let the protective layer replenish itself. Though this may mean that you will reek of body odor when you arrive at work the following day, you can easily remedy this by showering with warm (not hot) water while using mild soap and using deodorant afterward.

It is also advisable to have no-shower days (your days off, for example), to let it repair itself but only if you’re staying at home! Save water and skip showers!

Exceptions: if you play sports (shower afterwards) and if you have an important engagement, like a business meeting or a date.

Wiping yourself roughly with a towel

After showering, you’re not supposed to wipe yourself dry without regard – like showering every day, this removes the protective layer. Aside from which, it also exposes you to the bacteria thriving in the towels (be sure to change at least once a week).

Instead of wiping yourself dry, gently pat the wet spots and air dry yourself so as to help the skin retain moisture. Just be sure you’re not dripping wet the moment you step out of the bathroom!

Not using natural toiletries

All our lives, we may have been using soaps, shampoos and body scrubs which are made from chemical and synthetic substances. Little do we know these contain substances like formaldehyde, a preservative and a chemical used to preserve corpses for burial. Parabens, triclosan and other toxic chemicals are also present – little do you know that you’re applying them into your skin unconsciously.

You can easily avoid this by switching to natural and organic soaps, shampoos and body scrubs. You will notice a major difference after doing so.

Overall, you may be performing shower habits that you should not be doing, but it’s never too late to make amends and atone for your mistakes! Take note of the above mentioned and start doing it right to live healthier!

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