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Three Shower and Bath Myths and Why They Are Ridiculous


Three Shower and Bath Myths and Why They Are Ridiculous

shower bathTaking a bath or a shower is a necessity, in order to promote overall skin health – and hygiene. The Greeks and Romans have been doing it ever since they learned how to write, while Middle-eastern and African civilizations used the nearby rivers to cleanse themselves. The Japanese are also frequent bathers – bath houses are everywhere, and using the bathroom is surrounded by a number of customs at that (males get to use the bathtub first!).

However, despite the fact that we have been doing it for thousands of years, there are some facets about it which are unclear to some, while others even denounce the act and persuade others to minimize doing it. So, what are some of these?

#1. You should only shower three times a week

Some people only shower three times a week, because some believer that doing so frequently will strip the skin of essential oils thus causing its degradation. Other than that, they claim soaps, oils, body scrubs and other products dedicated to keeping you clean will hurt your skin in the long run. Although this is partly true (some soaps have toxic ingredients), this can easily be avoided by resorting to toxic free products, like natural and organic body wash, shampoos and soaps.

Why this is ridiculous: What about the people living in hot, arid and humid areas, like tropical and subtropical regions and states? Should they shower thrice a week (and not everyday) despite possessing the smell of stale sweat? Keep in mind that heat and humidity can stimulate sweat production, paving the way for bacterial and fungal skin infections, and harsh body odor. Although this concept can be applied to those living in the freezing north, it’s shouldn’t be considered if you’re living in the south.

#2. You should never shampoo your hair

taking a bathWe have heard success stories of people not using shampoo to cleanse their hair, mainly because of the toxic ingredients present in it. Rather than resort to commercial products, these people develop natural cleansing solutions, which are no different compared to organic shampoos. Although we can safely say their hair and scalp is in good shape, can this apply to everybody?

Why this is ridiculous: Commercial shampoos are filled with parabens, triclosans and other chemicals, which will inevitably endanger your overall health. But this isn’t an excuse to leave your hair unwashed: this will cause the growth of bacteria and fungi, especially if you sweat profusely. The negative health effects of these shampoos can easily be countered by avoiding them in the first place – use toxic free and organic ones instead.

#3. Hot showers are a no-nohot shower

Turning the valve and letting the hot water touch your skin is one of the most relaxing feelings ever, especially if you had a tough day. However, people claim that using hot water to shower will cause dry and cracked skin, leaving it irritated.

Why this is ridiculous: Although their claims are supported by facts, it wouldn’t hurt to take a hot shower once in a while. Just reserve it for late night baths, and keep your encounters with hot water to less than 10 minutes per day. Don’t forget the moisturizer too!

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