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The War Against Wrinkles: Strategies for Stopping Them -


The War Against Wrinkles: Strategies for Stopping Them

Raise the banners, prepare your weapons for we shall defend your beautiful visage against the imminent threat of wrinkles! Jokes aside, skin wrinkles are natural but are a bother to have around: people hate them mainly because they make you look older. Usually, they appear around the eyes or on the forehead. If you’ve been battling them with creams and other cosmetics for years, take a deep breath and supplement it with a few lifestyle changes.

So, what are some of the strategies which can counter the wrinkles’ advance and give you a youthful-looking skin? Here are some of which:

Support the skin around the eyes

In the war against wrinkles, the skin around the eyes is a major battlefield wherein the conditions are likely to be not in your favor. It is prone to wrinkling, which is why you need to be able to make it one of your primary priorities: slap on some eye cream and wear sunglasses if it’s too sunny. Moving your eyes repetitively, like squinting if the sun gets in your eyes, will likely strain and overwork the muscles, thus forming wrinkles.

Sunscreen is your shield and armor

If the skin around your eyes is the battlefield, then sunscreen is your shield and armor. Regardless if it’s sunny or not, ultraviolet rays can direly affect your skin. That being said, bear in mind that these are still the primary cause of skin ageing and wrinkles, so be sure to apply some all over your face and body.

Always detoxify

Wars cannot be won if soldiers fight on an empty stomach and if they don’t clean themselves whenever they take camp. Sickness and disease would affect their ranks. The same can be said with you and your skin. You need to be able to detoxify: do so by simply eating fruits, vegetables and coffee and beans. By doing so you will get rid of free radicals damaging the skin, and allow the liver to function well!

Sleep on your back

Other than guaranteeing a good posture which comes into play when you reach old age, sleeping on your back will eliminate the chances of marks and lines done by the bedding on your face. Though these disappear in an hour or two, they can become permanent fixture over time especially if you’re not careful!

Don’t stress out because of them

A new wrinkle is a lost battle. However, the best generals do not let a single loss determine the tide of war: they quickly move on, start afresh and work on new strategies. Whenever a new one appears on your face, accept, don’t cry over and start devising ways on how to fight it. The war is over if you mope around and cry.

Avoid unhealthy habits

Soldiers embody discipline – hundreds of rowdy, drunk barbarians will always lose to a dozen disciplined warriors like the Roman legionnaires or the Spartans. In the context of skin care, military discipline is needed to avoid certain unhealthy habits which can cause wrinkles. These include binge drinking and most especially, smoking which is known to negatively affect skin cells.

Overall, wrinkles are not easy to deal with but are manageable and can be stopped!


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