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Natural Skin Relief by Toxic Free Solution


Organic Bug Spray and Skin Giving Natural Relief

When it comes to protection for your loved ones, natural options are best. After all, you wouldn’t want side effects from simple household items that were meant to be remedies. One example are insect repellants such as bug spray. The first ones that came out in the market contained DEET: a potent chemical compound that was originally designed for pesticides. Imagine the harmful effects this would’ve caused after prolonged exposure. According to health experts, DEET is not recommended as remedy skin relief. When applied to broken or damaged skin, it can cause irritation. If not washed off immediately when no longer required, it may result to various skin reactions. There’s no reason to expose you to this kind of threat – especially children. What you need is something organic, soothing, and mild. Healthy Home’s all-natural bug spray and skin relief provides total  protection without dangerous toxins.

Bug Spray

Bug Spray

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$13.95 Retail Price

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Remedy Skin Relief

Remedy Skin Relief

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Organic Skin Relief You Can Trust

Imagine applying unhealthy ingredients on your skin almost everyday. These substances penetrate our epidermis, the outer layer that shields us, and goes into our bodies. Over time, you will begin experiencing problems: from mild headaches to nausea, difficulty in sleeping, and even mood alterations. Sounds unbelievable? This is what DEET exposure does. And this chemical is in our bug spray and other remedy skin relief products.

Nature has already given us everything we need to stay fresh, protected, and clean. Why resort to synthetic ingredients? One such wonder is Andiroba seed oil, from the plant of the same name. For generations, it’s been used as a natural bug spray for skin. The oil can be applied directly onto the skin for treatment of wounds, sores, and itchiness. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, the Andiroba seed oil was said to also be effective for healing rashes, as well as muscle aches.

Soothe Soreness and Redness the Organic Way

Healthy Home prides itself in offering only the best, and certified toxic-free products that’s safe even for little ones. To repel bugs and other insects, there’s the natural bug spray that doesn’t contain DEET. Free from other harmful chemicals such as petroleum-based substances; you can rest easy knowing your loved ones have a guard against insect bites. Aside from repelling bugs, you can spray it directly on bites as immediate organic skin relief.

Another common skin problem are rashes, burns, cuts, and irritation. Instead of reaching for that synthetic topical cream, opt for nature’s goodness. Healthy Home company’s remedy skin relief is just want you need to help soothe itchiness, swelling, and redness. Its mix of natural ingredients such as tea tree leaf oil and aloe vera is gentle and safe, even for sensitive skin. Simply apply to the affected area and let it sit. No worries plus no irritation. That is the power and freedom that can come only from nature.

Why settle for synthetic products that could put your loved ones’ health at risk? Being organic doesn’t have to be expensive. Discover toxic-free, mild protection for you. Discover natural bug spray for skin that’s safe and effective.