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Charcoal Face Mask by Toxic Free Solution


Using Charcoal Mask For Your Face

When you think of charcoal, the first thing that probably goes into your mind is summer cooking on the grill. Although you may not immediately associate charcoal with skin-care products or healthy skin, charcoal face mask boasts beauty benefits for your skin by drawing dirt, oil and other harmful substances or chemicals from clogged pores because of its absorption powers. It helps you to achieve a flawless face complexion and even fight acne and other skin problems. Your skin is a living organ and has pores of its own. The said pores and your skin’s permeable membrane, allows toxins and chemicals to pass both into and out of your body. Acne has different possible causes and it includes bacteria and dirt on your skin’s surface, blocked pores, excess oil or sebum and even poor diet. Applying a charcoal mask to your face will remove debris from the skin’s surface and extract the harmful toxins from beneath the skin.

Chae Charcoal Mask

Chae Charcoal Mask

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Chae Charcoal Mask and Its Natural Ingredients

Because of charcoal’s popularity as a natural face mask ingredient, Chae charcoal mask is the new kid on the block you can try to have a healthy and young-looking face. This unique face mask has activated charcoal and Calcium Carbonate, which act as a magnet, drawing out impurities from your pores. Other ingredients are Buddleja & Thyme. They assists in removing environmental toxins in your face. While Safflower Oleosomes impart moisture, leaving the skin balanced. To improve the skin’s radiance, it has Amazonian oils.

Chae Charcoal Mask has certified toxicFree® ingredient deck infused with stress release in ancient sea water minerals. Some of these ingredients and benefits are White Tea Leaf extract, which is used for skin protection, speeds the recovery from toxins, and protects the skin’s immune system; Vegetable Glycerin, a hypoallergenic moisturizer that works to attract the moisture to your skin; Jasmine extract that imparts a rich floral perfume, improves the elasticity of the skin, reduces the marks of scars and stretch marks; Bitter orange oil, an oil extracted from a bitter orange peel, which removes the impurities and conditions with anti-fungal properties. Its uplifting aroma is also inhaled as a painkiller and relieves your headache and common symptoms of a cold; Lemon oil, that brightens the skin and tightens your pores and soothes redness. It is also beneficial for acne-prone skin. These are only some of Chae Charcoal Mask’s natural ingredients good for both men and women.

Best Face Mask for All Skin Types

Because of its numerous natural ingredients, Chae Charcoal Mask can compete with other best facial masks commonly used today. This is your key to beating your dry skin, especially in winter. It is also loaded with ingredients with antioxidants and promotes anti-aging. Using Chae Charcoal Mask can give your face a brighter and smoother appearance, while minimizing and reducing the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

Sometimes, there is no need for the spa treatment, especially if you are busy and don’t have enough time. Chae Charcoal Mask can be your at-home solution for skin imperfections. All skin types can benefit when you use it. Try this best face mask today and be amazed with the results.