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Antibacterial Body Wash by Toxic Free Solution


Best Body Wash For All Skin Types

Wash is the newest household organic product. It is convenient for all types of skin, without damaging dyes or chemicals. Wash has natural contents, good for various skin conditions like dry, oily, or sensitive skin. It treats the skin and keeps it healthy. Protection on daily activities at home or at work is guaranteed. It can make the skin soft and smooth at the same time. Like other bath products, it brings a fresh smell that can last all throughout the day. Wash is safe for all, including babies. It has Decyl Glucoside as an ingredient, that is a biodegradable cleanser used in baby shampoos and soaps for sensitive skin. Wash restores hydration and can treat itchiness, too. It protect you against all kinds of microorganisms, bacteria, spore formers, and algae. The lavender oil content in it brings out an insatiable scent. The great fragrance, in fact, is one of the reasons why Wash is considered as an excellent natural body wash.

Body Wash

Body Wash

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Organic WASH with Natural Ingredients

Wash is the new alternative to soap products due to its flexibility. It is great for all forms of hygiene, and can be used with or without water throughout the home (including bath, shower and kitchen). Wash is made with organic, Ecocert, ToxicFree® natural ingredients. It is an organic body wash that contains natural deodorizers, aloe and a calming lavender scent. Wash has Vegetable Glycerin ingredient, a natural content that attracts moisture. It’s what provides the soothing and softening sensation to the skin. Wash is not intended for the hands alone, but also for the whole body. It can be used as a skin moisturizer with its hypoallergenic ingredients that are adequate at fighting germs and bacteria. It is a natural body wash that is considered as one of the safest bath products for all. Even babies at home can use it too. Wash is an all-in-one organic body wash product. Though it was made as a sulfate free body wash, it can be used as a cleaner for various house surfaces like counters, windows, and stovetops. It serves us in almost every aspect of its cleaning needs.

Pure Bath & Body Products

Wash is an organic body wash, consisting of healthy ingredients. It has Edelweiss Flower Extract that has soothing, anti-inflammatory characteristics used in anti-aging and sunscreen purposes. It also contains Chamomile Extract, which is helpful for sensitive skins, as well as for moisturizing and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Wash has an ultra-soothing formula that makes the skin explicitly beautiful and with an irresistible fragrance. It is a sulfate free body wash that makes your skin glow throughout the day. Wash is a perfect body wash for all, even for infants. They remove dirt and oils on the skin, keeping the body fresh and completely natural. It is incomparable to other bath products because of its stabilized oxygen content that shields the skin from natural elements that could cause irritations, itchiness, and other skin diseases. It is a natural body wash that can bring happiness and great joy.