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Skincare Mistakes Everyone is Committing -


Skincare Mistakes Everyone is Committing


You may actually know a handful of skincare tips and observances without knowing that those actually provide undesirable results.

If you follow a strict skincare regimen or practices, double check your methods since you may be doing it wrong or in excess. Here are some widely committed mistakes and facts to take note of:

Sleeping with Makeup On

If you think sleeping with makeup on is ok, then welcome to the harsh realities of this world: it isn’t. According to an article in UK’s Daily Mail, a survey found out that a third of women do not wash off their makeup before going to bed, opening up numerous inconveniences and negative effects.

Sleeping with your makeup on basically means letting the chemicals found in the makeup seep into the skin, dramatically aging it. It leaves it dry and cracking – makeup absorbs the moisture and the oils present on the skin. Aside from which, it also worsens wrinkles and fine lines. The skin will also have a visible tinge of red, which is a telling sign of irritation.

Ignoring Sunscreen

The sun always meets the skin, and although the star is the main reason why life on earth exists, it’s never a good idea to be overexposed. We’ve mentioned time and time again about the importance of sunscreen, and the consequences which may happen if you continue to ignore it. Regardless if you live in a cold, shaded region or a city where it feels like you’re being baked all the time, apply sunscreen.

Why? Well, not only does it protect you from the sun’s rays, but it also ensures protection from skin cancer. The parts of the body you should be concerned about include the arms and your face: the latter is very sensitive. Though tanned skin looks desirable, it’s actually one of the initial signs of skin damage , so take note and be careful before you even start thinking of sunbathing.

Dirty Makeup Paraphernalia

One of the worst things you can ever do to your skin is to NOT maintain the cleanliness of your makeup kits. Remember that dirty brushes will always introduce bacteria-infused old makeup particles into your skin, be sure to set aside some money for kit cleaners and even new kits!

Overdoing it

If you’re a skincare fanatic using a jumble of products all at the same time, be reminded that over scrubbing, over exfoliating and the application of numerous products at the same time compromises your skin’s health. By doing so, you’re not giving it time to recuperate. Don’t apply too much – take it easy and let your skin work some magic on its own.

Using Chemically-based Skincare Products

Almost everybody is doing this, so set yourself apart from the crowd and use safe, organic and plant-derived skincare products. Not only is it safer, but it will guarantee your skin’s good health in the long run. Remember, some synthetic products come from stuff like coal tar, so it’s easy to make a choice between an aloe vera plant and a fossil fuel!