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Shadowy and Puffy Eyes: Causes and Ways to Eliminate Them -


Shadowy and Puffy Eyes: Causes and Ways to Eliminate Them

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though everyone collectively agrees that puffy eyes and dark circles around them are never attractive. As perennial and common beauty problems, these should never be underestimated, considering that they can be caused by a number of underlying problems.

Before we tackle ways on how to stop them, let’s first talk what causes them to appear.

  • Facial structure and heredity – sometimes, people are born shadowy and dark circles around the eyes. One’s eyelids are sometimes thinner compared to others, and as blood passes through, it produces a rather bluish tint around the eyes.
  • Lack of sleep – this is the most common cause of dark circles and puffy eyes. Lack of sleep may make the skin appear paler, thus making the bluish tint around the eyes more prominent.
  • Medications – pills and medications which cause increased blood flow and your blood vessels to dilate will enhance the appearance of the shadows.
  • Bad diet and anemia – too much alcohol, as well as a horrible diet will make the skin under the eyes become more prominent.

Other causes also include liver problems, ageing, along with allergies, and asthma. Bear in mind that the first step in eliminating them is living a life free of the AVOIDABLE causes. Of course, there’s nothing you can do if it’s hereditary, but you can change your diet for the better and get more sleep.

Regardless though, here are some of the ways two eliminating them:

Cold Spoons

Metal spoons absorb and conduct temperature. This method involves placing a number of metal spoons (regardless if they are made from stainless steel or silver) in the freezer for not more than 15 minutes. After which, hold the rounded part around your eyes until the spoon becomes warm. Rinse and repeat until the puffiness is gone.

Drinking Water

By drinking enough water (and compensating it if you’re drinking caffeinated and sugary drinks), you will make your skin healthier and become more supple . In the context of being a puffy and shadowy eye remedy, it reduces the chances of water retention which is one of the factors responsible for causing puffy eyes.

The Cucumber Method

This method is quite popular, and for good reason: cucumbers contain anti-inflammatory properties which are able to reduce puffiness and eliminate wrinkles. Simply slice the fruit up, chill them on a fridge and apply into the area until they stop being cold. This is perfect if you’re taking the day off and lounging inside your home.

Using an Organic Eye Cream

One of the best methods to resort to is to simply buy a product designed to treating it. Organic eye creams are available in both online and real-life beauty stores, and are also used to ensure that the skin in the periocular area is healthy and in good condition.

Other methods also include using potatoes, egg whites, tea bags and aloe vera gels. Remember, the first parts of the body people look at when they meet are the eyes, so it is a must to make sure that both look good – avoid apocryphal tips!