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What You Need for Naturally Beautiful Skin This Spring -


What You Need for Naturally Beautiful Skin This Spring

Everyone is already looking forward for Spring. Flowers, barbecues, warm weather – it’s the season favored for beautiful scenery and the chance to say ‘hello’ to the sun once more. After months of being cooped up in the cold, you’re more than excited to sport your lovely dresses again. And the best complement to your boots, skirts, and sandals? Naturally glowing skin. But like everybody else, your skin has had its fair share of dryness and flaking. Don’t fret though – it’s never too late to renew your best asset.

Read these easy tips and be on your way to gorgeously smooth, radiant skin.


Gentle Body Scrub

It’s hard to look flawless when you have dry skin. Gently slough it off using your favorite body scrub. Don’t have one? You can make your own using common household items. If you have fresh coffee grounds, you can combine it with any body wash for the same effect. Sugar and honey works well, too. Experiment with ingredients you love and discover all kinds of body scrub combinations!

Then take a dollop and lightly rub it in a circular motion onto your skin’s surface. Put a little extra effort on rough areas like your elbows, knees, and feet. Rinse off with warm water. Pat yourself dry with a clean, cotton towel and instantly feel invigorated! Now you’re one step ready to naturally pretty Spring skin.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Whether you have dry or oily skin, it pays to moisturize. That’s because our glands produce more oil if it detects prolonged dryness. For oily types, pick water-based, non-comedogenic products. Dry skin types should opt for something with mineral oils (like Jojoba) to promote natural moisture.

Put a bit on your palm, rub it to warm it up, then massage on your face. Do the same for your body. Wait for about a minute to let your skin absorb the goodness. Now you’re all set to flaunt your deliciously soft skin – or you can apply a little makeup to enhance your already pretty features.

Naturally-Flawless Makeup Made Easy

The season of Spring is perfect for that ‘barely-there’ makeup look. All you need is sheer foundation (or tinted moisturizer) in the closest shade to your skin tone. Put a bit on your palm, rub it a little, then apply on your face, working outwards. Don’t forget your neck! For those pesky blemishes or dark spots, use a makeup brush and concealer to hide them. Dab on desired areas, blend the edges, then dust a bit of powder foundation to seal the look.

You may choose to emphasize your eyes using earth tones, mascara, and eyeliner. Avoid anything with shimmer as it will ruin the natural look. Opt for natural tones like brown or burnt sienna. Afterwards, you can leave your lips bare; or just dab on tinted gloss for that ‘just-kissed’ pout. Another option is a lip and cheek tint, with a swipe of lip balm. Simple, quick, and perfect for Spring!


See how easy it is to look AND feel natural? Just don’t forget to remove all traces of makeup before bed so you can keep your amazing glow. Be gentle on yourself, stay active, and eat well for a truly natural YOU inside and out.

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