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Natural and Cheap Cleansers with Various Uses


Natural and Cheap Cleansers with Various Uses

cleaning with lemons

We use a bunch of cleansers for our body and our home so often that we barely even bother with knowing what they’re made of. You’d be surprised at how toxic a house can be. Imagine all those acids and unknown compounds just piling up. Just when you think you cleaned your home, there’s a chance that you’re adding to its toxicity everyday!

It’s NEVER too late, though. You can always choose to switch to more natural products and alternatives for healthier living. That doesn’t mean complete elimination of toxins. However, diminishing its amounts will make you feel better – and definitely ease your mind. Nature has actually given us everything we need to create clean, comfortable living spaces.

We just need to find out what they are.

Cheap and Organic Cleanser #1: Lemons

Who wouldn’t be familiar with a lemon’s awesome powers? It’s been used for centuries to clean and freshen up almost everything: from floors to sinks, skin to hair. It’s so concentrated, its juice can even fight against common bacteria! Stock up on these lovely-smelling fruits. Mix it with a little bit of baking soda to scrub bathroom tiles. Add in water to gently exfoliate your face for a brighter complexion.

Be careful though, as the citric acid in lemons has been known to cause mild irritation on very sensitive skin. Wear gloves if using high amounts. The best part? Wherever you use it on will smell amazing!

Cheap and Organic Cleanser #2: Cornstarch

This gentle powder is great for scrubbing and deodorizing. It also has the ability to draw out oily spots. So if you have greasy hair, applying a bit of cornstarch onto your roots and gently massaging your scalp should ease the condition without harmful toxins. You could also use this to clean stuffed animals, carpets, and keep gloves from sticking to one another.

Cheap and Organic Cleanser #3: Salt

It’s not just a seasoning! One of the most indispensable ingredients in a household, it could be used for cleaning, washing, improving taste, texture, and removing unwanted odors. Sprinkle salt onto a greasy pan then wipe with paper so it would wash off easily. Mix cinnamon and salt together to get rid of that ‘burned’ smell from ovens.

Using fresh milk for your bath or facial mask? Make sure it doesn’t spoil quickly by adding a pinch of salt.

Cheap and Organic Cleanser #4: Tea

Tea may leave stains – but it’s one of the best ways to remove rust. If you have rusty tools, simply brew black tea, let cool, and soak your items for a few hours. You can then wipe them with cloth afterward. Another awesome use for a favorite afternoon drink? As a safe facial cleanser! Let your skin absorb all that natural antioxidants by washing with warm green tea after your regular facial wash or soap. You’ll instantly feel rejuvenated!

Cheap and Organic Cleanser #5: Vinegar

As tough as lemons, white vinegar can be used to clean almost anything: from floors to sinks, dishes to fruits. We all know dish-washing liquids are not exactly eco-friendly. However, you can create a safer yet still effective version by combining 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar with warm soapy water. For fruits with wax-covered skins (such as apples), mix a tablespoon of vinegar to a bowl of water. Then soak your fruits for about 5-10 minutes before rinsing under running water.

Keeping our homes clean may be a tough job – but with nature on our side, we can kick out toxins and begin living healthier, greener lives.

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