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Men, Hair Care, Toxic Shampoos and Hair Loss -


Men, Hair Care, Toxic Shampoos and Hair Loss

Men are actually conscious of their looks; although they spend less time grooming compared to women, this can be attributed to their blaring confidence. Over the years, we’ve seen several masculine hairstyles trend, including mohawks, man bob cuts, buzz cuts and Beatle-style locks. There are dozens of hairdos to try out – it’d be a shame if you suddenly start getting bald, right?

Though there’s nothing wrong about being bald, we’re sure people who would rather top their heads with a crowning glory than go around showing their shiny scalp. If you’re not bald yet, then all isn’t lost: fighting hair loss may be a difficult battle, but it’s winnable. In order to emerge victorious, here are some basic hair care reminders, and myth busting facts.

Do Synthetic Shampoos Cause Hair Loss?

There is actually no clear cut evidence that chemical-based shampoos can cause hair loss. However, certain anti-dandruff shampoos contain very harmful ingredients, such as parabens and glycol, which are both cancer causing chemicals. Traces of the former is found in breast cancer tumors; although men are a little less susceptible to this disease, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Naturally-made shampoos are a better option compared to synthetic and chemical-based ones. Keep in mind it’s better to wash your hair with citrus and coconut extracts than coal tar and toxic chemicals!

Hair Care Myths

In order to take care of your locks, discerning fact from fiction is an utmost priority. So, in order NOT to make unnecessary sacrifices, here are some “facts” and practices which are actually myths.

  • Wearing caps and hats can cause hair loss. FALSE. If you have a large collection of baseball caps, don’t worry since you can still wear them without having to think about losing hair. However, dirty hats can cause hair loss, so be sure to wash whatever you’re putting on your hair!
  • Gel and hairsprays cause hair loss. FALSE. You can style your hair or heavily gel it without thinking about thinking about hair fall! However, be sure to wash your hair thoroughly after each use!
  • Exposure to the sun makes you bald. FALSE. There are no studies that suggest it, and merely saying that it does is purely hogwash. Constant exposure to light isn’t a factor either.

Washing Tips

You don’t just put in a handful of shampoo and massage your scalp – there are other considerations to keep in mind as well, which are:

    • Do not wash your hair excessively. Doing so will stress out your hair follicles, which in turn causes them to weaken, making your hair susceptible to falling off.
    • Thick hair is usually more durable compared to thin ones. If your hair belongs to the latter category, try not to shampoo it everyday – do so every other day – since it can stress your hair out.
    • Be sure not to massage your scalp forcefully. Instead, massage it gently enough to take away the grime and dirt.

Lastly, be sure to fully remove all traces of the shampoo from your hair with clean water. Buildup of residue material can cause irritation!

Do you have any hair care tips for us? Please tell us in the comments!

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