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Habits Which Speed Up Skin Aging


Habits Which Speed Up Skin Aging

Everyone has their inner vanity: we all want to look good in front of other people. We somehow associate aging with looking bad and for good reason: as time goes by we get wrinkles, dark spots and other complications related to getting older. To some, age isn’t just a number but a hindrance which is why they employ anti-aging creams and other beauty products.
However, keep in mind that despite the efficacy of your cosmetics, things won’t look up for you if you do not observe an OVERALL “anti-aging” lifestyle. It is important to learn which habits and factors speed up aging because you certainly would not want to commit any of these, right?


Cigarette Smoking

Not only does it kill you slowly and in an excruciatingly painful way, but it also spreads toxic substances throughout your body, including the skin. Did you know that this renders skin enzymes to break down skin elasticity? This habit will pave the way for wrinkles and an aged visage. If you’re doing this to “look cool”, then don’t – you’ll gradually look like a shriveled fruit if you keep it up.


Being Worried All the Time


Life is too short for petty concerns and stress, but there’s nothing we can do but face them head on. That being said, being a chronic worrier will increase stress, make you feel exhausted, anxious, unhappy and unable to face your life ahead. It’s ok to be worried, but as soon as possible do activities which will make you happy and help you go through your troubles. Worrying releases stress hormones which hampers your overall bodily functions, speeding up aging.


Having a Sweet Tooth


Donuts, ice cream, candy, chocolate and other pastries taste heavenly, but do you know that eating too much will make your life rather hellish? Eating too much sugar will increase your calorie consumption which will instantly make you gain a lot of weight. As for how it promotes skin aging, sugar dries out the body’s elastin and collagen supply, making your skin dull, saggy and wrinkly.
Though we can’t eliminate sugar completely, the best way to minimize it is to cut off your supply of sugary drinks including soda, energy drinks and even commercial fruit juices. Lay off the candy and the sugar-filled desserts: go for healthier alternatives like fresh fruits.


Not Sleeping


The quote “sleep is for the weak” is false, mainly because sleep makes you stronger, more alert and less likely to have shadows under your eyes. Some say you only need less sleep as you grow older, but at least seven hours are needed for optimal health. Not getting enough will lead to weight gain, dark circles under the eyes and a drowsy day ahead.


Carrying Animosity in Your Heart


If someone wronged you, it would be so hard to just forgive and forget. Coming to terms with a wrongdoing is difficult, especially if it caused great harm and inconveniences in your life. However, bear in mind that forgiveness and living your life happily is always the best revenge. Let go and forgive, but don’t let your guard down and forget. Numerous studies have shown that forgiveness has been associated with happiness, less stress and FEWER WRINKLES. Don’t hold grudges: build a snowman and let it go and don’t hold it back anymore!

Overall, the good things in life are sometimes difficult to achieve, but it will be all worth it. If you want to age gracefully, avoid the above mentioned habits!

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