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Four Everyday Habits That Prevent Dry Skin -


Four Everyday Habits That Prevent Dry Skin

Dry skin can cause a number of hindrances this summer, especially to people suffering from acne and various skin ailments. Not only does it make you suffer, but it can put a damper on your overall appearance – something you’re probably conscious of.

In order to avoid having rough, flaky, and dry skin, you will need to perform quick and easy tasks which you’ll need to turn into a habit. Don’t fret: these are pretty easy, and you won’t need to make major tweaks into your everyday routine.

Taking Cool or Warm Showers

Most people say that there are only two shower temperatures: scalding hot and icy cold.

Jokes aside, we all know that this is not the case. Since the heat wave is in, it’s best to take cool – or even cold – showers, rather than hot. Why? Well, hot showers are bad for your skin, mainly because they strip it of its natural oils which act as barriers that trap moisture. In short, hot showers cause dry skin.

If you’re regularly taking hot showers, you’ll notice that your skin is left dry, red, and quite itchy. Anyway, cool or warm showers are a good idea, considering that you’ll need to feel rather cold and fresh in the morning before you step out into the flaming hot outdoors!

Not Ignoring and Applying Moisturizers the Right Way

It is a common misconception to think that moisturizers “provide moisture” to your embattled skin. Note that all it does is simply trap moisture absorbed by the skin.

And this is why you’re doing it wrong. You’re supposed to apply it when you’re still damp from the shower, thus trapping the water in your skin. Wiping yourself dry and applying it after doing so is plain wrong as there is nothing for the moisturizer to trap.

Note that you should never skip applying a moisturizing lotion, considering the many hindrances that may come if you do so, like acne breakouts.

Using Natural Cleansers

Certain antibacterial facial and skin cleansers can be too harsh to your skin, leaving them dry and flaky. Your best bet is to use a natural face wash, or rinse with cool water several times a day to remove oil and dirt buildup.

Bear in mind that it’s never a good idea to over-cleanse and over-exfoliate. Remember, your face needs dead skin cells and dirt before it can be washed!

Drinking Enough Water

When you drink water, most of it goes to the toilet and is barely absorbed. The eight glasses of water rule a day doesn’t include cups of coffee and cans of soda, only pure, unmixed water. Anyway, you’re better off munching on your water than drinking it: simply gorge on water-rich food like citrus fruits, apples, mushrooms, and berries. Summer fruits like watermelons will give you what you need.

Remember, you need water to keep your skin smooth, supple and moisturized.

Overall, the summer heat can take a toll not only on your skin, but also your overall skin and health. Remember, beauty starts in taking care of your health and hygiene! Do all of the above mentioned to prevent dry skin and keep your summer plans smooth!

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