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Emergency Beauty Quick Fixes Every Girl Should Know -


Emergency Beauty Quick Fixes Every Girl Should Know


Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but women don’t actually dress up or beautify themselves for other people: they do so in order to feel confident about themselves.
In any case, there are certain situations wherein you’ll see something wrong on your face: whether it may be a lipstick smudge on the side of your lip or an eye shadow -filled sweat bead, you need to learn how to fix these types of situations.
Here are some of which along with their corresponding solutions:

Oily Skin? Use Toilet Paper

Let’s say your face is gleaming under the bright sunlight. With the scorching heat and humid weather affecting you, you start to sweat profusely, thus causing your skin to produce excess oil.
You can easily get rid of excess oils by wiping the affected areas gently with toilet paper. The soft, gentle touch of the paper is perfect for absorbing oil, so be sure to have strips of it on your purse all the time, especially since it’s spring!

Chapped Lips and Peeling Skin? Use Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly works well as a moisturizer: some women even apply it on their lips prior to sleeping since it helps trap moisture within. If you have cracked, peeling skin in commonly afflicted areas like your elbows, knees and cuticles, simply apply a dab of petroleum jelly to leave it soft and supple.
The same thing can be done if your lips are chapped: petroleum jelly works well as a substitute for lip balm. Be sure to always carry this product – or a natural face moisturizer – around!

Puffy Eyes? Use Cold Water!

The skin around your eyes can get wrinkly and puffy for a variety of reasons, and this can make you look like you’ve aged for several years. May it be thanks to allergies or lack of sleep, you can always reduce their prominence by using the power of ice-cold water. One of the straightforward things you can do is to dip your whole face into the icy depths for several seconds.
However, if you want a milder procedure, dip a cloth with the water and put it around the eyes for several minutes.

Pale skin? Give It a Healthy Glow!

When it comes to skincare, there should be no shortcuts: maintain a radiant-looking skin by consuming the right food and nutrients. However, if your skin is looking rather pale and lackluster, simply apply a bronzer or a makeup palette which can reflect sunlight. Do so on your forehead, cheekbones and even on your nose.
You can also apply products with MILD glitter – do not overdo it!

Too Much Perfume? Cover It Up!

Sometimes, we may not know it but we’ve actually applied too much perfume. The scent may be too strong for other people to handle, and it is usually unpleasant to their noses. You can easily cover the scent by applying non-fragrant lotion or if it’s on your clothes, simply dab rubbing alcohol into the struck area.

Be sure to take notes and remember these beauty hacks whenever you’re in a tight spot!

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