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So, Do You Want Puffy, Red, and Supple Lips? -


So, Do You Want Puffy, Red, and Supple Lips?


Keeping your lips healthy is a must nowadays. Not only do they determine how you look overall, but their overall condition determines if you’re a good kisser or not. Remember, it’s a bad idea to kiss another person if you have dry and flaky lips.

Other than for beauty and intimacy, lips also serve as the gateway for food and drink (you can’t suck on straws without your lips), function as a sound-maker in speech and articulation, as well as play an important role in facial expressions.

If you want to attract people with your lips and keep it healthy, here are some lifestyle tips and changes you need to employ in order to do so:

Remove Lipstick Before Going to Bed

When people say that you should remove your makeup before going to bed , it includes your lipstick. Certain brands and types of lipstick contain harmful chemicals and metals, like lead (a poisonous metal) which can be absorbed into your skin. Although lead poisoning in lipstick is unheard of, do you really want to coat your lips with the said metal? If you’re sticking with your lead-filled brand, be sure to thoroughly remove it before you go to bed.

Remember though, there are better, safer, and natural lipsticks which are better options compared to large brands with toxic ingredients.

Stop Smoking

If you’re smoking just because it “looks cool”, you should stop because in the long run, it’ll make your lips look 20 years older. This is mainly because of the smoker’s pucker, lines and wrinkles (especially
around the eyes ) that appear around your mouth that appear after years of constantly sucking in smoke from cigarettes.

We don’t need to talk about the overall health effects of smoking, as it is common knowledge already. Its effects on the skin however are not: smoke breaks down the skin’s proteins, particularly elastin. This causes the skin to lose its elasticity (hence the name) which in turn causes the appearance of wrinkles.

Do NOT Lick Your Lips

If your lips are dry, it seems like a good idea to lick them to moisten them up, right? No. Licking your lips actually coats it with digestive enzymes found on the saliva, which are quite harsh on the lips. Aside from which, saliva dries up quickly, drying your lips faster and leaving them drier than they were. This can also

When they’re dry or chapped, you can always use warm water to moisten them, as well as resort to natural lip balm. Petroleum jelly is all right, but it should never be used constantly: it wasn’t made for moistening the lips in the first place.

Lastly, Choose Who You Kiss

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to reserve yourself and wisely choose the people you kiss. Don’t just kiss anyone you meet in the bar: their lips may harbor viruses and bacteria, or experience some sort of cold sore or herpes. These are highly infectious, given that microbes can enter the lips through the small cracks found on them.

Only reserve it kisses to the people you know and people you know who practice good oral hygiene.

All of the above mentioned tips should be followed if you want to keep your lips in outstanding condition! Remember, healthy lips will always be red, supple, and good looking!