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Defining Anti-Aging: Inside and Out


Defining Anti-Aging: Inside and Out

Skins Natural Anti-Aging Potential

Photo Credit: agein.com

Reversing the negative effects of time is something sounds nearly impossible to achieve, but hey, something that can be done. Everyone ages, and we can’t do something about it. People say that it’s just a number, but that is nothing more but as a way for them dull the pain of being unable to stay and look youthful. That being said, using anti aging products is a must to maintain one’s youthful vigor, although there are some aspects that you need to keep in mind first.

What is anti-aging?

Defined as a “technique used to prevent the appearance of getting older”, this term is mainly used by many beauty products dealers in order to make claims that their products are able to reverse the time continuum. Although you can’t go back to how you looked like 20 years ago, you can still age gracefully and somehow look young. However, keep in mind that this process isn’t simple: it involves all of the factors both in and out of your body. Aging is inevitable: but you can do so slowly and gracefully.

Using natural cosmetics only

As discussed in the previous article, there are a number of substances present in most commercial cosmetics which are inherently harmful and may do more harm than good. In this case, using naturally-derived ones, like those made from herbs and substances directly taken from nature (excluding petroleum) is a must in your anti-aging campaign. Doing so will present a number of advantages, which include:

  • Natural cosmetics pose no threat to the skin in particular, due to their composition and state. For example, natural makeup won’t darken the skin or aggravate your can, but applying ones made from toxic chemicals will do so.
  • Natural lotions and moisturizers are entirely harmless and are easily absorbed into the skin. Due to being made from natural substances, the body considers them as food. The same concept is applied when taking in food supplements: ones made from herbs are easily absorbed and processed, while those made from petroleum and coal tar (you read that right) are taken in minimally, while the rest are eliminated.
  • Lastly, natural cosmetics are more effective that their synthetic counterparts. As mentioned earlier, this is partly due to them being absorbed easily by the skin, and processed by the body.

Keep in mind that most synthetic products are toxic, and using them will make you look that you aged twice as fast. Go natural and organic: you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Topical products are only half the battle

In order to further boost your anti-aging campaign, it is best to rely not only on topical anti-aging products, but also in the other aspects concerning your lifestyle. Getting enough sleep everyday, as well as eating a balanced diet will promote healthy cell production, while drinking tea and fruit juices will help flush out toxic substances. Exercise will also help out in boosting overall health, by toning the muscles and improving blood circulation and respiration.

Overall, anti-aging involves a lot of factors, and all of these must be followed in order to make the most out of your efforts.

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