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Body Odor: Neutralizing the Stench -


Body Odor: Neutralizing the Stench

Body odor is common, and since it is summer, prepare to smell pungent odors emanating from numerous armpits.

Though teens are the most susceptible, adults – even those who practice proper hygiene – can still “have” it. Its presence can make people move away from you, especially if they know that it comes from you. Usually, not everyone has the guts to confront you about it, considering that it’s pretty humiliating.

Whether you’re in college or working in an office environment, here are some tips which will keep you from smelling like horrible.

Take Regular Showers

Especially if you’re an athlete at school or a person who sweats profusely, showers are a must (especially after workouts) if you want to eliminate body odor. Basically, body odor is caused by bacteria meeting sweat. The former uses the latter as a breeding ground (microbes thrive in moisture). After which, they break down the keratin proteins on your skin, producing a strong, pungent aroma.

By taking showers and using antibacterial body wash or soap to wash your armpits, as well as areas that sweat a lot like the spaces between your toes and groin, you will eliminate the bacteria causing body odor.

Dry Yourself Thoroughly

Before putting on your shirt, socks, and underwear, be sure that you are completely dry before doing so. Using a bone-dry towel isn’t enough: air dry yourself using a fan, but only after you apply your everyday dose of moisturizing lotion .

Being dry gives fewer avenues for bacteria to thrive and multiply. Wearing socks and other garments will make you feel uncomfortable, and at the same time, another tool for the microbes to make you smell bad.

Wear Clean Clothes

Dirty clothes are chock-full of bacteria, which will likely end up on your skin. Never re-wear the unwashed shirt you wore while jogging the other day, as you’ll likely end up smelling like rotten tuna if you do. Plus, it makes you susceptible to fungal skin infections, especially ringworm.

It’s also a must to never reuse your socks and underwear. Doing the latter is gross and unthinkable while doing the former makes you prone to athlete’s foot and horrible foot odor. Remember, freshly laundered clothes are always a must!

Use Deodorants

There are currently a number of antiperspirants and deodorants available in the market, and most are more than capable of masking the smell or in preventing you from sweating profusely. Although it’s best to use them, be careful as some of them may contain ingredients which may cause darkened skin. You may also utilize deodorizing foot powders in case the spaces between your toes smell.

Take Note of Your Diet

There is a connection between what you eat and how you smell. Fatty and oily foods, such as deep-fried pork chops and French fries, along with spicy and strong flavored dishes like curry can intensify body odor. The smell of onion and garlic can be carried by sweat, while eating peppers will undoubtedly make you sweat profusely.

So, the next time you go to your local restaurant serving extremely spicy food, be sure that your armpits are laced with deodorant!

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