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The Worst Summer Skincare Mistakes You Might Commit

Summer is one of the focal points in the aspects surrounding skincare. Though it’s the season for hanging and chilling out at the beach, the conditions are perfect for skin hang-ups and problems. After all, constant sun exposure is one of the main proponents of skin damage. In any case, you must do everything you can to avoid making your skin a damper to your vacation plans. A bad case of sunburn can ruin your whole summer, while constant sun exposure could pave the way for skin cancer in the long
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Body Odor: Neutralizing the Stench

Body odor is common, and since it is summer, prepare to smell pungent odors emanating from numerous armpits. Though teens are the most susceptible, adults – even those who practice proper hygiene – can still “have” it. Its presence can make people move away from you, especially if they know that it comes from you. Usually, not everyone has the guts to confront you about it, considering that it’s pretty humiliating. Whether you’re in college or working in an office environment, here are some tips which will keep you from smelling like
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Four Everyday Habits That Prevent Dry Skin

Dry skin can cause a number of hindrances this summer, especially to people suffering from acne and various skin ailments. Not only does it make you suffer, but it can put a damper on your overall appearance – something you’re probably conscious of. In order to avoid having rough, flaky, and dry skin, you will need to perform quick and easy tasks which you’ll need to turn into a habit. Don’t fret: these are pretty easy, and you won’t need to make major tweaks into your everyday routine. Taking Cool or
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Summer Hair Care: Facts to Keep in Mind

Summer’s in, and pretty soon, it’s going to get pretty hot. We’re sure you already know how to battle skin problems in the next couple of months: heat, along with the dry air or humidity (depending where you’re in) can become a deadly duo and hurt your skin in the long run. You may have loaded your cabinet up with sunscreen and other skin care products, but there are things missing: stuff that can protect and nourish both your hair and scalp. The summer heat can be harsh to your crowning glory
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Beauty and Skincare Advice from Dad

Dads will always think that their daughters are the most beautiful girls in the world. We have met and heard of dads calling their beloved girls corny names like “princess” and “sweetheart”. They may be the hardiest bunch, but you can never doubt their love. Other than inspiration and strength, dads can also be unlikely sources of practical skincare and beauty advice – and not even knowing that they are. Since it’s nearly Father’s day, let’s take a look at some of the likely pieces of advice you’re likely to hear
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So, Do You Want Puffy, Red, and Supple Lips?

Keeping your lips healthy is a must nowadays. Not only do they determine how you look overall, but their overall condition determines if you’re a good kisser or not. Remember, it’s a bad idea to kiss another person if you have dry and flaky lips. Other than for beauty and intimacy, lips also serve as the gateway for food and drink (you can’t suck on straws without your lips), function as a sound-maker in speech and articulation, as well as play an important role in facial expressions. If you want to attract
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Skincare Problems Due to Humidity and Tips to Battle Them

If you live the coast or are planning to step into a tropical country this summer, prepare for humid conditions and sunburn. Basically, humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air, and is prevalent in tropical countries, jungles and areas with large bodies of water. It is not a bad thing entirely: if humidity is high, the skin is able to absorb moisture in the air. This enables it to automatically moisturize itself – you don’t need to heavily apply moisturizers. However, it can pose a few
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Shadowy and Puffy Eyes: Causes and Ways to Eliminate Them

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though everyone collectively agrees that puffy eyes and dark circles around them are never attractive. As perennial and common beauty problems, these should never be underestimated, considering that they can be caused by a number of underlying problems. Before we tackle ways on how to stop them, let’s first talk what causes them to appear. Facial structure and heredity – sometimes, people are born shadowy and dark circles around the eyes. One’s eyelids are sometimes thinner compared to others, and as blood passes through,
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Beauty Routines and Habits You Need To Stop Doing Now

It takes a lot of effort to look good, although we can’t deny that we fall short sometimes. Thanks to the rise of the Internet, there are hundreds – perhaps thousands – of websites dedicating themselves to educate mainstream society about how to look beautiful. However, most people jump the gun and choose not to verify the information first. Save yourself from these unscrupulous tips and learn how to beautify yourself like a pro. You might have been taught by an elder – only to find out that his or her
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Emergency Beauty Quick Fixes Every Girl Should Know

Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but women don’t actually dress up or beautify themselves for other people: they do so in order to feel confident about themselves. In any case, there are certain situations wherein you’ll see something wrong on your face: whether it may be a lipstick smudge on the side of your lip or an eye shadow -filled sweat bead, you need to learn how to fix these types of situations. Here are some of which along with their corresponding solutions: Oily Skin? Use Toilet Paper Let’s
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