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Beauty Routines and Habits You Need To Stop Doing Now -


Beauty Routines and Habits You Need To Stop Doing Now


It takes a lot of effort to look good, although we can’t deny that we fall short sometimes. Thanks to the rise of the Internet, there are hundreds – perhaps thousands – of websites dedicating themselves to educate mainstream society about how to look beautiful.
However, most people jump the gun and choose not to verify the information first. Save yourself from these unscrupulous tips and learn how to beautify yourself like a pro. You might have been taught by an elder – only to find out that his or her methods were wrong.
Here are some dubious beauty routines and tips you should stop doing immediately (if you are):

Using Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are used in a variety of ways, may it be as a makeshift hand wash or an alternative makeup remover. Although pleasant smelling and soft to touch, using them on your hands or face constantly will dry out the skin. Most wipes are alcohol-based: wiping your skin with them will deprive it of its natural oils.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even fully disinfect – it spreads dirt and other harmful substances around the surface of your skin!

Petroleum Jelly for Almost Everything

Sure, petroleum jelly is considered a beauty quick fix, but it’s not a definitive solution or a practice that should be done in the long term. Sure, a dab of this soft jelly is perfect for moisturizing chapped lips and cracked cuticles, but it was originally made to protect the skin from dirt and to lubricate the limbs during manual labor.

If you want to moisturize, get a moisturizing lotion . If your lips are always chapped, dab your lips with lip balm. Remember that in beauty, it’s best to use items with specific capabilities rather than ones which are considered as a “jack-of-all trades”.

Not Minding the Expiration Date

Oh, so you rediscovered the old makeup set your mother used to own a couple of decades ago. As soon as you open it, your eyes are filled with glee – it is full of unused makeup which still look pristine, despite being considered expired five years ago. Well hey, if it looks good, it’s good, right?

Well, no. Expired makeup means expired ingredients, and these ingredients are responsible not only to hide the shadows under your eyes, but also to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microbes. Ditch it as soon as it is way past the expiration date: you would not want to deal with an infection on your eyes, mouth and any part of your face! Buy new and naturally-made makeup instead!

Exfoliating Every Night

Sure, exfoliating helps remove blackheads, dead skin cells and other impurities, but doing it too often will also remove the healthy and living ones. Doing this on a daily basis will leave your skin cracked, reddish, and dry. There is also a large chance that the skin will produce a ton of oil to help shield it from damage, leaving your skin…well…oily.

Limit this habit by doing so once or twice a week – your skin will appreciate it if you do so!

Overall, be sure to stop doing any of these practices and you will be on your way to looking beautiful and healthy at the same time!

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