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Beauty and Skincare Advice from Dad -


Beauty and Skincare Advice from Dad


Dads will always think that their daughters are the most beautiful girls in the world. We have met and heard of dads calling their beloved girls corny names like “princess” and “sweetheart”. They may be the hardiest bunch, but you can never doubt their love.

Other than inspiration and strength, dads can also be unlikely sources of practical skincare and beauty advice – and not even knowing that they are. Since it’s nearly Father’s day, let’s take a look at some of the likely pieces of advice you’re likely to hear or have heard from your father:

“Keep Those Nails Clean”

Most dads are sticklers for detail – you can even go as far as calling them perfectionists. Your first manicurist and pedicurist is likely your dad. He cut your nails and ensured that there’s no speck of dirt present underneath it. You’ve probably learned to hate his tendency to point out that your nails are ridiculously long and dirty back when you were a kid.

Now that you’re an adult though, you’ve probably adopted his way of nail hygiene and steadily ensured that they’re left spotless, all thanks to your dad.

“Do Not Pop Your Pimples”

Back when you were a teenager, your dad may have sternly told you not to pop or even touch your pimples, despite your insistence. He may have frowned and scolded you lightly if you did so, warning you that it will get worse if you do so.

Of course, this has basis, considering that if you touch or pop pimples, they will inevitably cause dark spots and blemishes. Acne scars will likely appear as well, making you look worse.

Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup

At a young age, girls are taught to look at cute as possible, usually with the help of makeup . Their insistence of doing so may be credited to peer pressure and popular media, but your dad may have taken none of it.

He may have yelled at you to take off the crazily-colored makeup you’ve applied as a teenager. You may have thought that your dad did this to torment or make you look ugly, but as time passes; you’ve accepted that it may be his own way of telling you that you already look beautiful. As mentioned earlier, dads already think that their daughters are one of the most beautiful girls in the world, and he may have done it to convey the message that you are. This also has self-esteem implications: you need to be confident enough to walk around without it!

Wear Sunscreen

Whether it’s going to the beach, out for hiking, or going on a hunt, your dad may have taken the time to remind you to wear sunscreen – an advice that you should follow now since it is summer. Basically, dads know first-hand the benefits of doing so: their generation is filled with people who are suckers for outdoor activities. They’ve probably experienced bad cases of sunburn, so it’s best to heed his advice!

Overall, your dad may not know how to braid your hair or teach you how to apply makeup, but he’s certainly a whiz when it comes to caring for you!

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